Bloggers are Narcissists

Bloggers get a bad rap for being narcissists. But you know what I say? That’s just fine. We all got a little narcissism in us and blogging is a healthy way to let it shine.

See, people often see narcissism as a bad thing. But a little narcissism is natural. It’s about feeling good, confident about yourself and sharing your voice. Not everyone’s wired to be an extrovert. Some folks find their expression through blogging.

And shoot, self-esteem is important. You gotta love yourself before you can really love others. Bloggers build themselves up by creating things and putting themselves out there. That takes guts in this judgy world.

Now sure, there’s unhealthy narcissism—thinking the world revolves around you. But that’s not your usual blogger. They’re often just trying to feel comfortable in their own skin. Trying to turn their thoughts into something beautiful.

The thing is, we all have a deep-seated need to feel heard and understood. When we keep our thoughts bottled up inside, it eats away at us. We start doubting ourselves, questioning our worth. Ain’t nothing wrong with wanting to get those thoughts out of our heads and into the world.

Blogging is a way to free those thoughts, to birth them out of your mind and give them wings. It reminds you that your inner world matters, that your perspective is unique and worth sharing. And when a reader connects with what you wrote, even just one person? Well shoot, there ain’t no better feeling than that. It’s balm for the soul when someone gets what you’re laying down.

So what if you ain’t no Hemingway? Not everyone digs your style or relates to your story. Write anyway, in your own true voice, straight from the heart. Get it all down on paper or pixels. You might be surprised what takes root out there in the universe.

Now sure, some bloggers get addicted to the spotlight. They start craving clicks and attention like a drug. But most are just looking for a little warmth, a spark of human connection. Can you blame them? In this fast-paced, distracted world, that connection is hard to come by. These folks spend hours crafting posts that reveal their inner world. Their essence. And they put it out there, raw and unfiltered, hoping someone will care. That’s an act of courage that deserves respect.

Because being vulnerable is risky business. Some trolls and haters live to tear people down, especially those brave enough to reveal their authentic selves. You gotta have rhino skin to blog long-term. When you put your thoughts on display, you open yourself up to criticism, sometimes nasty and undeserved. But you know what? That’s the price of admission for doing creative work that matters. If you got something personal to share, a story to tell or lesson to teach, you can’t let the haters stop you. You gotta tune out the noise and listen to your soul. Speak your truth without apology.

Now narcissism ain’t the only reason people blog. Lots just want to spread useful information, or promote a cause they care about. Some see blogging as a path to opportunity and income. And more power to ‘em, I say. Ain’t nothing wrong with making an honest buck or advancing your career. But for others, blogging satisfies our inherent need for self-expression. To feel heard in a world so busy and distracted. It reminds us that our voice means something, that our existence has purpose.

So keep on bloggin’ and keep on rockin’, no matter what the critics say. The world needs more people brave enough to create. To thine own self be true. Write like you give a damn and let your light shine. Share your special sauce.

Because here’s the thing—everyone sees the world through their own unique lens. Your thoughts and feelings are one-of-a-kind. So don’t let that fear-of-being-called-narcissistic voice in your head convince you otherwise. We need bloggers who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines. To get personal and speak from the depths of who they are, without filter. Sure, that kinda sharing requires some healthy narcissism. But it also takes courage, creativity and heart.

Be bold, be proud, be vulnerable. Write like the world deserves your story, your magic. And if someone out there connects or is moved or inspired, even just one, then you’ve given a precious gift only you could give. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Using your gifts to make this crazy world a little brighter. Reminding people they ain’t alone. And making that deep human connection that feeds our hungry souls.

Now, get to typing and let your thoughts flow. Nobody can tell your tale but you. You’ve got this blogging thing on lock.